Two pink lines

A positive pregnancy test.We have news.

We’re very happy, of course—we wanted this—but also kind of terrified.  It is a totally ridiculous time for us to have another child, but it is also the best of all possible times.  It may be the only possible time.

Early pregnancy is a time of waiting.  It’s too early for an ultrasound to tell us that everything’s going as it should.  Too early to see the flicker of a heartbeat on the screen.  The embryo is a tiny grain of rice, busily doing things that are entirely out of our control.

My body knows it’s there, though.  In the days before the test read positive, my face broke out like a repeat performance of puberty, and I lost the ability to fall asleep in a reasonable period of time.  The above paragraph originally noted that it was too early for morning sickness, but today my stomach started to notice the rising hormone levels and complain.  More symptoms will come, and my body will stretch and change as it did before.  And it will be scary and uncomfortable and wonderful and awful and amazing.


Grow well, little one.

15 thoughts on “Two pink lines

  1. Congrats!!

    I cracked up at the “too early for morning sickness” line. I was nauseous 2-3 days after missing my period/finding out I was pregnant and puking 2 days after that. The German doctor line was “that’s great! It means things are going well!” Good luck!

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    • Thanks! It took a few weeks for nausea to show up for me last time, but symptoms in general seem to be hitting a bit sooner this time around. (Which I hear is normal for a second pregnancy.)


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