I’m sick and I need to complain about it

I’ve been down with the flu all week, and it sucks.  Sinus congestion, headaches, body aches, low-grade fever, and, of course, fatigue.  Just walking around drains my energy.

I’m getting awfully darn tired of being sick.  I got hit with some other flu-ish thing, slightly milder but still exhausting, in mid-December, and haven’t been properly well since.  Unlike everything we caught last winter, neither of these illnesses seem to have originated in daycare; Little Boy was also sick this week, but with pink eye and an ear infection, both of which are bacterial.  (Lucky kid—he gets antibiotics.)

Fortunately, your basic flu isn’t a threat to a developing embryo.  Unfortunately, my pregnancy nausea is now in full swing, and seems to especially flare up whenever I lie down.  So that’s fun.

My mental state is understandably not great, a combination of general misery, hormone-induced anxiety, and frustration at not being able to get anything done.  I’ve been continually grazing on whatever food sounds good, and it’s triggering my body image issues hard.  I feel fat and gross and ugly, and too sick to do anything about it.

Here’s hoping the next week is better—well, OK, let me rephrase that: here’s hoping that whatever crap the next week brings, I’m at least physically well enough to start trying to deal with it.

5 thoughts on “I’m sick and I need to complain about it

  1. Hang in there, mama! Focus on getting well. I know it’s hard to not feel gross, but eat whatever sounds good (for me with my three pregnancies, it was pizza, so I ate that 24/7!) I think you can take Sudafed (the real stuff, not the Sudafed PE) and you can use Afrin spray to try and clear your nose. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! 🙂


  2. Hope you get better soon!

    Also, you may *feel* ugly, but you’re not because pregnant women never are. And pregnant women are supposed to be fat– that’s kind of the point. As for gross, that will pass with the flu, nausea, and sufficient showering… you’ll have to wait that one out.


  3. Being sick with the flu when you are pregnant SUCKS. I remember it well and there is very little you can do other than hide under the duvet and hope for the best. So hope you feel better now x

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