I am many things: scientist, feminist, knitter, runner, avid reader, and country music fan.  In particular, I am the three parts of my blog name.

crazy—I have depression and anxiety, the kind that are chronic and genetic and unlikely to ever fully disappear.  They have shown up in various forms over the years, including postpartum depression after the birth of my first kid.

mama—I’m the mother of Little Boy and his Younger Brother.  Generic platitudes about motherhood annoy me, and I can get very grumpy about unscientific parenting advice.

PhD—The original name of this blog was crazy grad mama, where the “grad” meant “graduate student.”  I received my PhD in the summer of 2017.  After much angst, I chose not to pursue a career in academia and found a pretty great corporate job working with data.

There’s one other thing you ought to know to make sense of my archives: my wife is transgender.  She started using she/her pronouns in March 2018; earlier posts refer to my spouse as “he/him.”  Until mid-2016, we thought we were a straight couple, and my older posts on family and parental gender roles reflect this.

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