Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch and useless advice

Having my first experience with a clogged milk duct this week.  Ow.  The achy soreness seems to have subsided, but the spot where the blockage was still stings like a &^%!*&#^% at times.

Of course, I did a Google search for tips on how to treat it.  One of the first hits was this page from La Leche League, which helpfully begins its advice with,

Your best move is to take your baby to bed and stay there for as long as possible.




BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  (That’s the sound of maniacal laughter, in case you can’t tell.)

Leaving aside any commitments that I myself might have that might preclude me from hanging out in bed all day, Little Boy would not stand for this.  He would lie still next to me in bed for exactly 30 seconds before gleefully wiggling away to play.  Maybe, if it were nap time, I could convince him to doze off nursing for a bit.

To be fair, there’s nothing strictly wrong with this advice.  It probably will help, if you can do it.  It’s just so… unrealistic.