I’m sick and I need to complain about it

I’ve been down with the flu all week, and it sucks.  Sinus congestion, headaches, body aches, low-grade fever, and, of course, fatigue.  Just walking around drains my energy.

I’m getting awfully darn tired of being sick.  I got hit with some other flu-ish thing, slightly milder but still exhausting, in mid-December, and haven’t been properly well since.  Unlike everything we caught last winter, neither of these illnesses seem to have originated in daycare; Little Boy was also sick this week, but with pink eye and an ear infection, both of which are bacterial.  (Lucky kid—he gets antibiotics.)

Fortunately, your basic flu isn’t a threat to a developing embryo.  Unfortunately, my pregnancy nausea is now in full swing, and seems to especially flare up whenever I lie down.  So that’s fun.

My mental state is understandably not great, a combination of general misery, hormone-induced anxiety, and frustration at not being able to get anything done.  I’ve been continually grazing on whatever food sounds good, and it’s triggering my body image issues hard.  I feel fat and gross and ugly, and too sick to do anything about it.

Here’s hoping the next week is better—well, OK, let me rephrase that: here’s hoping that whatever crap the next week brings, I’m at least physically well enough to start trying to deal with it.

In case anyone’s wondering…

…I’m still here.  Just sick.  Again.  I’m not sure if this one came from daycare or from the grad student in the office next to mine, but it sucks.  A nasty cold, or maybe a mild flu.  Hard to tell.  I had lots of congestion at first, but now I’m just achy and chilly and utterly exhausted.  Little Boy, thank goodness, either already got over this or hasn’t had it yet; ditto for my husband.

OK, that’s enough self-pity for today.  Time for a cup of hot tea and another episode of Call the Midwife.  Hope you all are feeling better than I am.

Things I would have preferred not to learn this weekend

Learning new things is fun and all, but there is some stuff I would have been much happier never knowing:

  • Our camp mattress fits in the downstairs bathroom.
  • Dehydration can cause your arms and legs to go tingly and numb.
  • The local urgent care center is equipped to give IVs.  (They also have an X-ray machine.)
  • Zofran dissolves under your tongue.
  • My husband’s new health insurance has surprisingly good prescription coverage. [OK, maybe that one is actually good to know in the long run.]

Food poisoning sucks, y’all.