The pocket problem

Yesterday, I came across “How to Use a Simple Pocket Notebook to Change Your Life.”  Click-attracting title hyperbole aside, it’s a very appealing idea.  My life is built on paper notes, partially because I don’t have a smartphone and partially because of my innate attraction to physical handwriting.  I also have a very visual memory, such that I can picture the page of a research notebook that contains a desired piece of information, and even remember approximately where that page is in the book.

However, I don’t always keep a notebook on me.  My research notebooks and my day planner live mostly in my backpack, my “miscellaneous” school notebook stays in my office, and my doodle sketchbook and my random-household-stuff-but-mostly-packing-lists notebook migrate around the house.  Plus there are all the sticky notes with lists of songs I want to buy, and a collection of electronic notes on my laptop, iPad, and iPod from the times when I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose an idea.

A little pocket notebook — especially one with very few rules for use, so that the perfectionist in me wouldn’t get caught up in worrying what to put in there — would be nice.  There’s just one little problem…


Or rather, the lack thereof.

Women’s clothing sucks when it comes to pockets.  On a good day, my pants have enough pocket space for some lip balm and my office keys (because I’m not going to take my purse with me every time I leave my office).  On a bad day, I’m wearing a pocket-less dress or a skirt or stupid jeans with fake pockets and end up awkwardly carrying my keys around in my hand and hoping I don’t forget them in the bathroom again.

I was somewhat irritated that the original article didn’t mention this issue at all, and that the one attempt to raise it in the comments received only joking responses.  I don’t have a ready-made solution, either.  Someday I might actually buy a smartphone and want to carry that with me, but it’s not clear how.

Readers who wear women’s clothing, how do you circumvent the lack of pockets?