Post-Halloween wrap-up

I was very pleased with how Little Boy’s pumpkin costume turned out.  And I finished it whole hours before it was needed, which is practically a sewing record for me.  For the curious, here’s what it looked like:

Toddler pumpkin costume and hat.

Now imagine this on an excited one-year-old.  It was adorable, if I do say so myself.  He even tolerated the hat for short periods of time.

This Halloween turned was a fun holiday for us.  We’d been apprised by the homeowners that this neighborhood is a prime trick-or-treat destination, and we were not disappointed.  I honestly don’t know the last time I did Halloween in the classic way, with the big bowls of candy and the doorbell constantly ringing.  I feel like it has to have been more recently than high school, and yet I can’t remember any year between now and then when it happened.

I do have one public service announcement for parents: please teach your wee ones a modicum of patience.  Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to get to the door.  Kids, you don’t need to (a) ring the doorbell repeatedly, or (b) turn away to leave if the door doesn’t open instantaneously.  I know that Halloween is thrilling, but if it can be a good learning opportunity for saying “thank you” (and I saw lots of parents helping their kids practice that, which was great), it can also be a good learning opportunity for door etiquette.

I’ll hopefully be getting back to blogging semi-regularly again here soon.  Focusing on a different hobby for a bit was beneficial in some ways, but I’m ready to switch back.

Costume update & a cute story

The making of Little Boy’s Halloween costume continues.  This weekend’s step was the cutting out and marking of all the pattern pieces, a.k.a. the most tedious step of any sewing project.

Pinned pattern pieces ready to be cut.

The pumpkin is lined, which means twice the pieces to cut out.

I can’t help but think back to this time last year, when I cut the pieces of an infant tiger costume with said infant strapped to my chest.  It was exhausting.  But that was back in the days of wildly unpredictable naps, so the fact that he stayed asleep for hours in the baby carrier was a blessing.  That was also back in the days of working on the kitchen table in a poorly lit apartment; today, as the above picture illustrates, we have a lovely glass desk in a bright office.

We’ve been taking regular family walks lately, in the space of time between Little Boy’s dinner and his bath, but this evening the adults were rather tired.

Husband: “Are we going for a walk tonight?”

Me: “It’s kinda dark… What do you think?”

Husband: “There are a lot of mosquitoes…”

Me: “We’re on the same page then.”

Little Boy: Crawls into hallway, where he picks up his shoes and sticks them in his dad’s face.

We went for a walk.

Halloween is the season for costume-sewing

If you don’t hear much from me this month, it’s because I’m using my spare time to make Little Boy’s Halloween costume.  I’ve never been very good at just throwing costumes together from stuff on hand, but I am decently good at using a sewing machine to follow a pattern.  This year, that pattern is Simplicity #2788.

Simplicity 2788: toddler in a pumpkin costume.

There’s no way my kid is going to pose this perfectly.

That’s right, if all goes well, Little Boy will be an adorably round pumpkin for Halloween.  Apparently our new neighborhood is full of trick-or-treaters, so we’ll be able to get into the spirit of things a bit more than we have in the past.

Orange and green fabric.

Current status of costume.

Don’t ask me what my costume is going to be, because I haven’t decided.  Zero-effort (i.e., costume already exists in my closet) options include cavewoman, Master’s degree graduate, calico cat, and Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek.

What are your plans for Halloween, readers?