A spot of everyday privilege

Little Boy and I went for a drive this morning.  We were headed to the library that has Friday storytime, except it turned out that we were too early, so I kept driving to kill some time.  Eventually the road we were on led us to an area of new construction, where roofs were being finished and driveways were being laid for gorgeous (if somewhat closely spaced) suburban homes.

As I made a U-turn in front of what would eventually be the clubhouse for a fancy HOA, I thought, Gosh, I bet anyone who sees us thinks we’re real weirdos for meandering aimlessly out here. 

And then I realized: here I was, a white lady with a young family driving a shiny new crossover SUV in the suburbs on a weekday morning.  I am exactly the target demographic for these houses.  Anyone out there probably assumed I was scouting out a new home for my family.

That’s privilege, folks.

P.S.  We then went to storytime and all the parents were white moms and I felt like it was one of the most stereotypical things I’ve ever done but Little Boy had a good time and it got us both out of the house.