Well, I didn’t finish the sweater

Alas, my Sweater of the Summer Olympics did not get done during my 17 days of avid sports-watching.  Its cowl neck is almost finished, but it still lacks sleeves.  My husband semi-jokingly suggested that I turn it into a sweater vest.  

My updated knitting goal is to finish the sweater by the end of the Paralympic Games, which run from Sept. 8 to Sept. 17 and deserve far more TV coverage than they normally receive.  (Awesome fact: wheelchair fencing is a medal sport.)

On an entirely different note—if you’re reading this, please drop me a line to let me know if it looks OK, format-wise.  This is my first attempt at writing a post on the WordPress mobile app (because my only-two-year-old laptop is dying, ugh), and I am not entirely confident in the app’s abilities.  

Quick Olympic knitting update

We’re halfway through the Olympic Games, and my can-I-knit-this-whole-thing-before-the-Closing-Ceremony sweater is… not exactly halfway done yet.  But I’ve made a lot of progress:

The back piece of a hand-knit gray sweater, with additional knitting on top.

I’ve finished the back of the sweater, and am getting started on the front.

And, well, that’s all I have to say at the moment.  Time to get back to the needles!

Knitting through the Games

We’ve entered that two-week period when the TV is always on in my house, a time more commonly known as the Olympic Games.  We like watching the Olympics.  My husband is a particular fan of track and field, and I enjoy learning more about sports and countries that get little attention otherwise.

This year, now that I’m back into knitting, there’s extra fun to be had.  Ravelry, the yarn and pattern database / project organizer / fiber-craft-oriented social network, hosts an event called the “Ravellenics.”  The goal is to knit or crochet or spin something over the 16 days of the Olympics (presumably while watching the Games on TV, although that’s not strictly required).

I am not a fast knitter, so making something start-to-finish over that time is already a challenge.  But apparently I felt that wasn’t enough and decided to make a sweater.  It’s called the “So Easy Sweater” and is 97% garter stitch, so I have hope.

I cast on Friday night while watching the Opening Ceremony and trying not to cringe at NBC’s awkward and vaguely offensive commentary.  My cat helped me take some pictures of my progress on Saturday.

Knitting needles poking out of a bag of yarn.

Knitting needles! Yarn! And about an inch of sweater.

Some knitting on the floor with a brown tabby cat laying nearby.

“No no, I’m just resting here. Definitely not plotting my next attack on your yarn.”

It’s quite soothing and pleasant to just curl up on the couch and watch sports and knit.  And since my anxiety has been having odd spikes lately, soothing and pleasant is exactly what I need.

Are you watching the Rio Olympics, readers?  What’s your favorite Olympic sport?