Blog wrap-up: The end

This is it, the end of a decade and the end of an era: I am officially closing the blog.

As ever, there are many potential words running around in my head, but none of them feel quite right.  I want to thank all of you who’ve come here, who’ve read posts, who’ve left messages, who’ve shared links.  Thank youI hope you will stay in touch, through Twitter or email.  I’m not leaving the internet—I’ll still be reading your posts, and maybe commenting from time to time—but I expect to be more of a lurker and less of a participant.

Comments here will stay open for another week or so, and then I’ll close them all.  (WordPress’s Akismet spam filter is pretty good, but I know better than to leave things unattended online!)

To those struggling with new parenthood: You are enough.

To those in graduate school: You are worthy.

To those with mental illness: You are not alone.

~The end.~

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