The brief conclusion to my previous post

Took Younger Brother to his post-surgery check-up yesterday.  Told the plastic surgeon about the whole dietitian appointment weirdness; he agreed that it was weird and said he’d look into it.  I heard him talking to someone about it on the way out.  Highly anticlimactic, but anticlimactic is a good thing when you’re talking about your baby’s health.  YB’s awesome zig-zag scar is healing nicely and his head’s doing great overall.  And we don’t have to go back to the disorganized clinic for another four months.

The more emotional experience of the day happened on the way home.  I stopped by a local thrift store and dropped off a big box of outgrown baby clothes.  I’m pretty nostalgic about stuff, so it hurt my heart a bit to drive away and leave that box behind.

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  1. Oh, I feel you on that emotion! We are still waffling on a third, but I’ve been giving away things we didn’t use much and culling (we had enough clothes for twins). It is really hard to part with those items, even if you’re ready not to have another baby. It’s kind of like graduating highschool; you’re ready to be done, but it’s still rough to know that a chapter of your life is over.

    Glad your appointment for YB went well! Yay for healing!

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