A pile of new book(s), 2018 edition

The book Artemis by Andy Weir.

Not really a “pile” this year, just the one book.  (A book that I’m quite excited to read, since I absolutely loved The Martian.)  I received some other excellent Christmas gifts, including LEGO’s Women of NASA set and a beautiful framed photo set from my spouse.  I’m still working on last year’s books, plus an extra bunch sent mid-year by fellow blogger Leah, so I’m not in any danger of running of things to read any time soon.

Five children's books.

Little Boy got a more pile-like quantity of books for Christmas.  The picture above includes only the new stuff; my mother also gathered up a half-dozen books from my childhood and sent them home with us.  (She also found and gave us my old Sesame Street sheets and my brother’s Thomas the Tank Engine towel, all in remarkably good shape.)

What are you looking forward to reading this year?

3 thoughts on “A pile of new book(s), 2018 edition

  1. I also got the Women of NASA lego set! I actually got two (brother & husband both had the same great idea), so I’ll set one up and leave one in the box, I think.

    Funny how we have a lot less time to read these days. I am reading Lab Girl, and it’s fabulous, but it’s still been three weeks and I’m not done yet. I just got one book for Christmas — the Harry Potter British Museum exhibit book — but it’s pretty fun. I’m part way through, but it’s not the kind of book you have to read all at once.

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