Introducing Younger Brother

Kid #2, who shall henceforth go by the pseudonym of Younger Brother, has arrived!  Eleven days early and nearly nine pounds.  He is healthy and adorable and relatively calm for a newborn.

Close-up image of a newborn baby's foot.

I like a good birth story, so I’ll write up the details of my labor for a later post.  I never went into labor with my older son (who was breech and born via C-section), so this birth was an entirely new and different experience.  Recovery has been much easier.

(Side note: You might have noticed that I’ve changed some blog things recently—like the name—to reflect my graduation and changing life.  Those updates aren’t completely finished, so please pardon the mess!)

4 thoughts on “Introducing Younger Brother

  1. congrats! Super exciting. So big for being early! Mine was just 2 days late but a bit over 9 pounds. Tho he’s now leveled out and is about average size for his age.

    Looking forward to hearing more. Glad things went smoothly for you.

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