Oh hi, it’s me again

Whenever I go for a while without blogging, I get into a negative feedback loop about it.

It’s been a while, so my next post needs to be something Big and Important.

I don’t have the time/energy to write any Big and Important posts right now.

[days pass]

[cycle repeats]

So this post is a deliberately short note to break the cycle.

I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy.  The baby is healthy, so far as I can tell; he or she is a strong kicker.  I’m healthy by the numbers, but ridiculously fatigued, which is pretty much the story of my adult life in one sentence.

Little Boy’s two-year-old cuteness deserves its own post.  The Terrible Twos get a bad rap, I think.  He can be plenty obnoxious sometimes (and has an inexhaustible supply of bouncy energy), but he’s also smart and thoughtful and independent and deeply engaged with his world.

How are you?

3 thoughts on “Oh hi, it’s me again

  1. About the same as you other than further along with my pregnancy with an almost-three year old. I hear you on everything. Tired, yes. Loving my little one. So behind on blogging I will likely never restart even though I pay for my blog and want to be blogging.

    With my awesome kid: Are there some tantrums and moments and whatever? Yes. Are there fabulous times? YES. I love how inquisitive my kid is getting, and she loves to try things. I’ve found that giving her as much autonomy as able really helps stave off the craziness I see happening with some other kids.

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    • Ha, we’re going through a bit of an autonomy strike right now: I’ll ask Little Boy to do throw a ball, or put toys away, or whatever, and he’ll respond, “You do it.” So we’re working on that.


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