Knitting through the Games

We’ve entered that two-week period when the TV is always on in my house, a time more commonly known as the Olympic Games.  We like watching the Olympics.  My husband is a particular fan of track and field, and I enjoy learning more about sports and countries that get little attention otherwise.

This year, now that I’m back into knitting, there’s extra fun to be had.  Ravelry, the yarn and pattern database / project organizer / fiber-craft-oriented social network, hosts an event called the “Ravellenics.”  The goal is to knit or crochet or spin something over the 16 days of the Olympics (presumably while watching the Games on TV, although that’s not strictly required).

I am not a fast knitter, so making something start-to-finish over that time is already a challenge.  But apparently I felt that wasn’t enough and decided to make a sweater.  It’s called the “So Easy Sweater” and is 97% garter stitch, so I have hope.

I cast on Friday night while watching the Opening Ceremony and trying not to cringe at NBC’s awkward and vaguely offensive commentary.  My cat helped me take some pictures of my progress on Saturday.

Knitting needles poking out of a bag of yarn.

Knitting needles! Yarn! And about an inch of sweater.

Some knitting on the floor with a brown tabby cat laying nearby.

“No no, I’m just resting here. Definitely not plotting my next attack on your yarn.”

It’s quite soothing and pleasant to just curl up on the couch and watch sports and knit.  And since my anxiety has been having odd spikes lately, soothing and pleasant is exactly what I need.

Are you watching the Rio Olympics, readers?  What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

7 thoughts on “Knitting through the Games

  1. Yes to knitting!! Yay! I am knitting and watching the games, too! There is a 12 months of Mittens thing on Ravelry that I signed up for with a friend. This month is a beautiful mitten with gorgeous cables. Of course, it requires size 1 and 2 DPNs…and it has a chart instead of written instructions…I’m waaaay outside of my comfort zone. So I’m mostly fighting with my needles instead of watching the games! Oh well. Learn, laugh and knit on, yes?

    The boys and I are watching whenever we can. We cried for Mara Abbott at the end of the Women’s cycling today. So heartbreaking to watch her get to the end and have nothing left, and have to watch her chase group snatched up those medals instead. 😦 I am holding my breath for women’s gymnastics tonight!

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    • I love how many different things there are to do on Ravelry! Those mittens sound like they will be really pretty when you’re done. I just learned how to work from charts earlier this year.

      Did you see the Dutch cyclist crash? That looked scary; I’m glad the reports are saying that she’s all right.


      • We watched it live! We gasped and the boys were dismayed. We explained what happened, tried to reassure them. But the camera went back to her a few minutes later and she hadn’t moved, and the boys noticed and were really distressed about it. We were all relieved when they said she was ok.

        I have completed my 5th cast on for this damn mitten! It’s… gonna be a long 12 months. 🙂

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  2. I don’t know how to knit but I know how to crochet and I love Ravelry as well! I feel like I signed up for it after reading one of your blog posts. So thanks!


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