The exhaustion monster strikes again

I’m sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired.  Mostly tired.  It feels like I’m always tired, but the past few weeks have been particularly bad.  I keep crashing at school and just having to put my head on my desk and nap.  (Which I recognize is a huge privilege to be able to do, but it certainly doesn’t help me get my PhD done.)  There’s a mental fatigue, too: just thinking about what I need to do next can be overwhelmingly exhausting.

So, yeah, this is a post of complaining and self-pity.  Because I hate this state of fatigue.  Especially when it goes on and on and on and doesn’t seem to get any better and there’s no good reason for it.  It’s not my thyroid or anemia or a B12 deficiency or anything that shows up on a standard blood test.  I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be related to my antidepressants, which have a tendency to either put me to sleep or prevent me from getting rest, only I’m not quite sure which one it is this time.  And we are all still fighting the latest daycare-sourced cold.  Cold and flu season needs to hurry up and end!


*Wallows in self-pity for a bit longer.*

*Realizes she’s too tired to think of anything else to say.*

Got any fun stories to cheer me up?

10 thoughts on “The exhaustion monster strikes again

  1. Have you tried to take walks outside? It may seem counterproductive, but it helps me when I’m stressed and sick and tired. The fresh air makes me feel better, and moving around makes me alert. As for fun stories…well, I was recently published by Desert Palm Press so that’s pretty exciting! If you’re looking for a science fiction story set in the mind of the hunted, check out Finding Hekate!

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  2. The walk suggestion is good. We’ve been doing an evening walk, and it definitely helps me feel better. One of our friends does a “jammie walk” as part of the bed time wind down.

    No funny stories at the moment, but know that I feel you. The home stretch is often rough. I am literally counting the days until the AP exams start so I can have some relief (6 until my first one! 13 until my other class!). After AP exams, I still have class, but we can coast through material. Is that bad to admit as a teacher?

    Another helpful thing is something my husband suggested. When you’re at your desk, and stalling out such that you start to procrastinate, take a 5-10 minute walking break. That often helps me clear my mind and reset what is going on. And if I don’t want to walk, that’s sometimes the push to get me back to work. Your end will be here soon; be gentle to yourself in the mean time.

    One last nugget: calming manatee is my favorite website when I need a little boost. Google it!


    • Yay for getting a break as a teacher! I did IB in high school, and my teachers just stopped holding class altogether after the IB exams. (Not sure if that was technically allowed or what, but they did it. I spent the last month of high school by a friend’s pool.)

      The evening is a great time to be outside, I agree. Little Boy has discovered the joys of chasing bubbles and playing with the hose in the backyard, so we do that pretty much every day after dinner.


      • oh, dear Lord, IB sucked so hard. We weren’t allowed to stop going to school (public school and all), but I don’t remember what we did post-exams. Hang out and chat, I think. Read fun books. Played games in math. I could maybe get away with not having class and having my students lie, but it only takes one to tattle on me . . . but we have fun stuff planned. Learning about tornadoes and trees in AP environmental science, and doing a dogfish shark dissection in AP Bio.

        There’s lots of other kids on campus, and they’re starting to hang out a lot after dinner time. We’ve been doing evening walks where I end up with the parents while my little plays. I don’t get as many steps, but it is nice.

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  3. I had a period like that a few years ago (and again last fall) of just being f&cking exhausted all the time, and I think it was lingering back to back (to back to back to back…) illnesses, and never fully recovering. it wears you down.
    I like the idea of the walk, and its thankfully a good time of year for it.

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