Holy blog stats, Batman!

Wow!  Yesterday’s post is bringing an unprecedented level of traffic to my little ol’ blog.  To those of you who shared it on social media: thank you.  I’m honored.  I’m also honored by the number of positive responses I’ve received—it seems I struck a chord with a lot of mothers.  We are not alone!

If you’re a new visitor to my site and are poking around because things look interesting: welcome!  Drop me a line about yourself in the comments; I love to hear from new people.  You can follow my blog via WordPress, or through the “subscribe by email” link in the menu on the right (or bottom if you’re on a mobile device).  I’m also on Twitter.

OK, that’s three exclamation points in two paragraphs, which is a lot even for me.  Time to spend the rest of Little Boy’s nap time knitting. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Holy blog stats, Batman!

  1. That’s always such a nice feeling! Congratulations on your new fame! 😉 I wrote a post about my opinions on first birthdays and it got SO much traffic out of nowhere! It still gets several hits a day, which is crazy lol.

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