What I’m watching/reading/listening

On the reading front, I’m busy with Notorious RBG, about the life and legal opinions of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  (You may recall that this was one of the books I got for Christmas.)  RBG is an amazing woman; her biography is also a sobering reminder that it really hasn’t been that long since women were expected to quit their jobs when they became pregnant and it was assumed that we couldn’t be family breadwinners.

Next up on my reading list and still on its way to me from Amazon is Push Back: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting.  I suspect I’ll be writing more about this one when I’m done.  I’m a big fan of the author’s blog, The Skeptical OB, and her (paraphrased) message of “parent the way that works for you, but don’t think it makes you a better mother than anyone else.”

When it comes to listening, I’ve let my obsessive side out and am binging on the Never Not Knitting podcast.  It’s good to have on during my commute or when I’m making tedious figures for my thesis—the podcast is cheery and fun, and I can keep up if I miss a word or two here and there.

I’m also binge-watching the first season of House on Netflix.  Don’t ask me why—it’s a good show, but not great—but I just keep turning it on.  (Note that “binge-watching” for me means two or three episodes a week; who has time to watch multiple hour-long episodes in a row?!)  We also have a regular roster of current shows on the DVR: The Flash, Supergirl (and the crossover between those two, which was hilarious and wonderful), Agents of Shield (meh), D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow (yes, there’s definitely a theme here), and The Big Bang Theory (yes, we still watch this).

What are you reading/listening/watching lately, readers?  Any suggestions for me?


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