The blessing of Tylenol

Little Boy woke in the night with a mid-level fever, moaning and crying and generally unhappy.  I gave him an age-appropriate dose of Tylenol, then sat back in the rocking chair to soothe his wee self.  As we snuggled, his hot head pressing against my shoulder, I felt a surge of gratitude for that basic drug, and for all of modern medicine.  I don’t have to sit through the night, listening to his cries of discomfort and praying for the fever to break.  I can make him comfortable and loved and relaxed and give him the sleep his body needs.

What’s your favorite part of modern medicine? 

6 thoughts on “The blessing of Tylenol

  1. I often utter the same prayer. We’re blessed to have access to this simple drug, doctors, and so much that previous generations of mothers had to do without. All I can think is how my heart would break if I had to watch my child suffer from something that is now treatable. I can’t even comprehend what it would be like to deal with an illness that’s either not treatable, or that the treatment is itself a form of suffering.

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  2. My vote is on ibuprofen. Reduces swelling, reduces pain, not so toxic.

    I also ❤ vaccines like nobody's business.

    Cancer treatment, (sparingly used) antibiotics . . . my list of loves for modern medicine could go on, and on, and on.

    And to get religious (since so many argue against modern medicine based on religions reasons): why squander this marvelous gift God has given us? And to be non-religious: YAY SCIENCE.


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