Bye-bye, breast pump

Going back to school/work after Christmas is always hard, but there was one definite positive this week: I’m not pumping milk anymore!  We dropped the last middle-of-the-day nursing session over the holidays, when the excitement of travel and new toys made it relatively easy to coax Little Boy into changing his routine.  He’s still nursing, but only once a day, when he first wakes up in the morning.

It’s so nice to be done.  I didn’t particularly dislike pumping—it wasn’t terribly difficult for me, and my office on campus turned out to be nearly ideal as a lactation space.  But it was always a thing to do, a thing that I had to remember to do, a thing that took time to set up and put away.  It meant hauling another hefty bag to school every. single. day. and washing a bunch of tiny fiddly pieces every. single. day.  It came with a bunch of extra little tasks, like remembering to grab the milk from the mini-fridge at the end of the day, that made my mental load just a little bit larger.  Being done means that mental weight has lifted, along with the physical weight of that big ol’ bag.  It feels good.

8 thoughts on “Bye-bye, breast pump

  1. I’m with ya, looking forward to having that weight lifted in another few months. I agree, I don’t dislike it, but it’s just another “thing” to do in our busy busy lives! Good for you!

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  2. I’m totally dealing with this right now and I can’t wait to take a baseball bat to my pump, Office Space style. How did you do it? Just slowly increase the amount of time between pumping sessions until you were producing less and less? Ugh, I’m just not looking forward to the pain of engorgement, but maybe that only lasts a day or two before they give up??


    • I picked one pumping sessions at a time to drop. Over the course of about two weeks, I’d pump for shorter periods of time at that session, and then cut it out altogether. Gradually spacing them out would work too, I think.

      I didn’t go slow enough the first time and ended up with a clogged duct, which sucked, but since then things readjusted largely painlessly over a couple of days after dropping each session.

      I once had the opportunity to beat the crap out of a printer the way they do in Office Space, and it was GLORIOUS. Would highly recommend.


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