New books for my toddler, too

Five kids' books, including Made by Raffi.I wasn’t the only one to unwrap a bunch of new books for Christmas.  Shown above are only about 1/3 of the books Little Boy received—the rest were already scattered around the house and car by the time I thought of taking a picture.  You might recognize that the second book is the classic The Polar Express, lovingly selected by my husband, who has fond memories of its magic.

And look!  Santa brought Little Boy his very own copy of Made by Raffi, which, as you may or may not recall, I reviewed on here a while back.  It is positive, colorful and—in what is a definite plus when you’re giving a book over to a toddler—doesn’t have a dust cover.

4 thoughts on “New books for my toddler, too

  1. Do you do books with real pages already? We’re mostly still in board books at 20 months, with occasional real page books read by mom & dad. I babysat a lot for years, and seeing ripped up books always makes me sad, so I’m still waiting. I have found board books with longer bits to read, so those help keep both our attention.


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