Post-Halloween wrap-up

I was very pleased with how Little Boy’s pumpkin costume turned out.  And I finished it whole hours before it was needed, which is practically a sewing record for me.  For the curious, here’s what it looked like:

Toddler pumpkin costume and hat.

Now imagine this on an excited one-year-old.  It was adorable, if I do say so myself.  He even tolerated the hat for short periods of time.

This Halloween turned was a fun holiday for us.  We’d been apprised by the homeowners that this neighborhood is a prime trick-or-treat destination, and we were not disappointed.  I honestly don’t know the last time I did Halloween in the classic way, with the big bowls of candy and the doorbell constantly ringing.  I feel like it has to have been more recently than high school, and yet I can’t remember any year between now and then when it happened.

I do have one public service announcement for parents: please teach your wee ones a modicum of patience.  Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to get to the door.  Kids, you don’t need to (a) ring the doorbell repeatedly, or (b) turn away to leave if the door doesn’t open instantaneously.  I know that Halloween is thrilling, but if it can be a good learning opportunity for saying “thank you” (and I saw lots of parents helping their kids practice that, which was great), it can also be a good learning opportunity for door etiquette.

I’ll hopefully be getting back to blogging semi-regularly again here soon.  Focusing on a different hobby for a bit was beneficial in some ways, but I’m ready to switch back.