Halloween is the season for costume-sewing

If you don’t hear much from me this month, it’s because I’m using my spare time to make Little Boy’s Halloween costume.  I’ve never been very good at just throwing costumes together from stuff on hand, but I am decently good at using a sewing machine to follow a pattern.  This year, that pattern is Simplicity #2788.

Simplicity 2788: toddler in a pumpkin costume.

There’s no way my kid is going to pose this perfectly.

That’s right, if all goes well, Little Boy will be an adorably round pumpkin for Halloween.  Apparently our new neighborhood is full of trick-or-treaters, so we’ll be able to get into the spirit of things a bit more than we have in the past.

Orange and green fabric.

Current status of costume.

Don’t ask me what my costume is going to be, because I haven’t decided.  Zero-effort (i.e., costume already exists in my closet) options include cavewoman, Master’s degree graduate, calico cat, and Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek.

What are your plans for Halloween, readers? 

12 thoughts on “Halloween is the season for costume-sewing

  1. That is so amazing that you are making his costume! We got ours at Costco and Amazon, with all of the pieces included. My sister’s costumes are much more fun than ours: she is being Han Solo, her son is a storm trooper, her husband is Chewbacca, and their daughter couldn’t choose between being Jabba the Hut or an Ewok. They could only find an Ewok costume, so that’s what they went with.

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    • Coordinated family costumes are so impressive! We have not yet achieved that level of having-it-togetherness.

      I think the main reason I make costumes is because I like sewing better than I like shopping. 🙂


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