The Vitamin B12 experiment begins today

I took four vitamins with breakfast this morning.  For the curious, I’ve been taking my prenatal multivitamin—as most breastfeeding moms should—along with extra Vitamin D and a fish oil DHA supplement, both recommended by my doctor to help combat depression.  Today, I added Vitamin B12, again on the recommendation of my doctor.  We’re hoping it will alleviate some of my ongoing fatigue and (fingers crossed) the odd dizzy spells I’ve been getting on occasion.

The bottle tells me that the 1000-microgram dose is equal to 16,667% of the recommended daily allowance.  That… seems like a lot.  Certainly more than I would take without explicit medical advice.  I’m pretty convinced that it’s not going to poison me or Little Boy: it’s a water-soluble vitamin, meaning it won’t build up in the body, and legitimate medical websites assure me that there aren’t any weird side effects.

I’m not holding out any hope that this new supplement will do much of anything for me—no vitamin in the past ever has.  Still, I’m willing to try.  Heck, if it makes me feel better, I’m completely fine with a placebo effect.

We shall see.  I’ll report back in a month or so.

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