The ten-month-old’s guide to eating Cheerios

The Ten-Month-Old’s Guide to Eating Cheerios, brought to you by Little Boy.

1.  Emphatically announce that you are hungry.  (“Ma-ma-ma” means “give this hungry baby some food,” right?)

2.  Grudgingly allow yourself to be strapped into your high chair.

3.  Act noncommittal when your parent produces the Cheerios box and puts some on your tray.

4.  Excitedly bang your high chair tray with both hands, ensuring that Cheerios are evenly distributed.

5.  Carefully pick up a single Cheerio with two fingers of one hand.  Examine it closely.

6.  Poke Cheerio intently with the index finger of your other hand.

7.  Continue examining Cheerio from multiple angles.  Hold it at arm’s length as though orating a great speech.  Take your time.

8.  Attempt to put Cheerio in mouth.  If unsuccessful, go back to step 5.

9.  Repeat steps 5-8 with remaining Cheerios on tray.

10.  Indicate that you are still hungry, causing a parent to put more Cheerios on your high chair tray.

11.  Carefully pick up another single Cheerio.

12.  Slowly and deliberately, stretch your arm out to the side and drop Cheerio on the floor.

13.  Repeat steps 11-12 until stopped by parental intervention.