Unpretty in pink

My piece about my hopes for combating gender stereotypes generated some great responses, including this piece by a mother of two boys. It’s amazing how early children recognize the division of colors/toys/interests into “boy” and “girl.”

Finkelstein & sons

In response to Crazy Grad Mama’s post on Raising a boy in a world of gender stereotypes

Sweat was dripping down my forehead. I had just finished ironing a little oxford shirt in piqué cotton, in the most stylish baby pink color. It matched so cute with the gray herringbone vest, blazer and dress pants. This was the outfit for my plus-one for the wedding I had been invited too. I felt pretty pathetic having a three-year old as my plus-one, but hey, back then, being a single mom I Iearned to quickly get over myself.

I turned to my son and started dressing him, fidgeting with those tiny buttons of his shirt, tucking it as neatly as I could in his dress pants. If Instagram existed back then, he would be SOOO #ootd #boystyle #cooltoddler #hipsterboy and any other popular hashtag I don’t know the existence of. Now it’s…

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