Pros and cons of productivity


  • Getting stuff done!  The Paper From Hell might actually be almost complete.  I’m starting to feel a bit less like Hercules fighting the Hydra and a bit more like an ordinary person stamping out sparks from a campfire.
  • Positive feedback loop.  Productivity → motivation → more productivity.
  • Not hating work, at least temporarily.  I still don’t love my field of study – I don’t think it’s cool or fun or anything like some of my fellow graduate students – but I can ma-a-a-y-be think about my little tiny sliver of it without cringing.


  • Increased caffeine consumption.  This is relative: my vices of choice are tea and Diet Coke, so my daily caffeine intake remains less than your average cup of coffee.  Still, I don’t like the feeling of becoming more and more dependent.
  • Less time to blog.  Self-explanatory.
  • More stuff running through my head.  There’s a fine line between motivation and obsession and I’ve never been very good at staying on the right side.  I pay the price in troubled dreams and bouts of morning anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Pros and cons of productivity

  1. I’m happy to hear that you’re plugging away and getting work done! My poison of choice prior to becoming pregnant/breastfeeding was awful energy drinks. I may need to take a page out of your books with the tea!

    Keep at it 🙂

    – Kate


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