The lazy mom’s guide to introducing solids

(I know dads feed their babies too.  But “The Lazy Dad’s Guide” sounded overly stereotypical, and “The Lazy Parent’s Guide” just didn’t have the right ring to it.)

STEP 1:  Start with something that can be prepared quickly, easily and in small quantities. 

(We chose iron-fortified rice cereal.)

Offer daily.

Be entertained by the fact that baby is more interested in spoon than in food.

STEP 2:  Scrounge cupboard / fridge / freezer for food that is soft or can be easily squashed / puréed with a hand blender.  Bonus points if this is yesterday’s leftovers.

Ignore all the old rules about allergies.

Be grateful that the latest research and your pediatrician recommend ignoring all the old rules about allergies.

Be highly entertained at the faces baby makes when given a spoonful of applesauce.  Seriously, who doesn’t like applesauce?

Occasionally remember to put avocados and sweet potatoes on the grocery list.

STEP 3:  Put some finger food on baby’s high chair tray.  Prepare for chaos.

Discover that Puffs get soggy and gross really quickly and replace them with Cheerios.

Be extremely impressed at the rapid improvement in baby’s pincer grasp.

Realize that your little one is growing up.

8 thoughts on “The lazy mom’s guide to introducing solids

  1. I think you’ve already been nominated, but I nominated you again for the Liebster award! 🙂


    • I have indeed already done a Liebster post, but thank you! Do you have an active blog? Whenever I click on your user name, I’m told that the site is no longer available.


  2. Yay! I’m not the only one!

    I’d add: feel temporarily outclassed by your parent friends that go on ad nauseam about spacings of days and veggie color wheels. Then, feel smug when your kids turn out just fine.


  3. You forgot step 3 1/2: When relatives give baby items like doughnut and fruit when you’ve stepped out of the room. Bonus behind the back solids introduction! (I used to be irked; now I laugh…)

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    • Hey, it’s just less work for you in figuring out what to introduce next!

      We have so far not experienced this step (which is probably good, because it would’ve irked me too). It helps that our relatives live in different states.


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