Some happiness for Easter

It’s easy to get weighed down by negativity, so I figured it was time for another post about the little joys of life.  I love …

… watching my baby sleep.  Recently freed from the confines of the Velcro swaddle blanket, he has discovered the comfort of sleeping on his side.  I find myself staring at the video monitor for minutes on end, marveling at the relaxation evident in his little arms and soft cheeks.

… the beautiful pink roses blooming on the rather scraggly rosebush in our backyard.  (There are beautiful pink – and orange and yellow – roses in my house, too, courtesy of my wonderful husband.)  The backyard is becoming a veritable testament to spring, with several plants blossoming and a new baby mourning dove hatched just in time for the holiday.

… Little Boy’s “zombie baby” impression.  He thinks it’s hilarious when Mommy or Daddy tickle and pretend to eat him, nibbling on his toes, tummy, fingers, and face.  Now he’s trying to imitate us; he greatly enjoys this as it involves trying to put things in his mouth, and that is one of his favorite pastimes.  He gets an adorably crazy look on his face, opens his mouth as wide as he can, grabs the shoulder/arm/ears/nose/hair of whoever is nearby, and attempts to “eat” them.