Baby’s first road trip

I rather expected that this post about our first vacation with a six-month-old would be a tale of parental woe, filled with humorous yet exasperated anecdotes.  But – and I hesitate to say this for fear of jinxing the return journey – things have gone surprisingly well.

Sure, a drive that took 6 hours in pre-baby days took 8 hours this time.  We were expecting that, and to be honest, half of the extra time was due to the truly ridiculous levels of traffic and was thus completely unrelated to having a baby as a passenger.  And yes, Little Boy did struggle to fall asleep for his final nap, but that was understandable: he was getting a bit overtired in a strange environment, and that nap is always the hardest for him anyway.

For most of the drive, he was practically a model citizen.  He fell asleep for his second nap at the exact minute of naptime.  He entertained himself with car seat toys for much longer than his usual attention span.  He slept all night in an unfamiliar room with barely a peep.  And he has handled the introductions to various relatives with remarkable calm.

Knock on wood.

I did learn a few things that need to be filed away for future reference, namely:

  • One spare outfit in the diaper bag is NOT enough.  We went through four.  Fortunately, his suitcase was easily accessible in the trunk.
  • Baby nails should be trimmed prior to departure.  Little Boy must have somehow known that his destination would involve a lot of picture-taking with cousins and grandparents, because he managed to majorly scratch up his face along the way.

What has your traveling-with-a-baby experience been like?  Any stories filled with fun and/or despair to share?

3 thoughts on “Baby’s first road trip

  1. I’m so glad your trip went well and without incident. It sounds like he’s handling the trip so well!

    We drove cross-country once when I was 8 months pregnant, once when Lè Punk was 6 months and again when she was 11 months. 6 months was WAY easier than 11 months – and actually easier than traveling while hugely pregnant. She was cool with sitting in her carseat the first time but the second, she wanted to move around and explore.

    The only thing I wish I’d known was to get one of those massive, rear-window shades because I spent SO much time with my arm reaching in the backseat, holding something up to block the sun.

    Also… feeding a child baby food while in a moving vehicle is the messiest thing ever and so many places either don’t have decent changing tables or never wipe them down. We spent many diaper changes maneuvering in the back of a compact car. Pro-tip: Don’t stop in a sketchy motel parking lot for a diaper change, either. Because, just… don’t do it.


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