A low-inspiration kind of day

It’s one of those days.  Everything is in place for a pleasant, enjoyable afternoon – the sun is shining, the weather is delightful, the baby is relatively happy, and there’s nothing so urgent to be done that it cannot wait a little longer.  I should be really, really grateful for that last part: the state of having nothing that must be done is so very rare as a parent.  And yet, I’m just not feeling it.

I just don’t have the energy to take advantage of this day.  I’d like to write, but my mind is blank on what to say.  It would be a good day for gardening, but that would require getting up and moving around and actually doing something.  I would rather lay here on the couch and deal with the guilt of wasting the day.

This condition is familiar.  I have been here before.  I have spent my whole adult life trying to give myself permission to be “lazy” and rest, but it still feels like I ought to be doing something more with this time.  Something actively fun rather than passively bored.

Ever have one of those days?

6 thoughts on “A low-inspiration kind of day

  1. I had these moments a lot where I just think for hours on the couch. then I get anxiety from doing nothing. no fun


      • It’s hard to snap out of it. It first started after i had my son and kept happening and I was getting heart palpitations from the anxiety. Then I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. They put me on medication and it helped but finding the right medication was tricky.


      • Yeah, my current antidepressant seems to be helping, but the one I was on pre-pregnancy made me want to sleep MORE, so it was kind of counterproductive at times. I’m glad you’ve found something that’s helping.

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  2. Happens to me all the time. Today, because of daylight savings, my eldest was up early and I barely slept. So napping and lounging on the couch was about it for me. And I have learned to get over the guilt of doing anything productive. Some days, when you do nothing you feel better the next day and are ready to tackle more.


    • Sounds like you have a very healthy attitude about it. I think I’m secretly afraid that if I give in to the unproductivity, I’ll never find the willpower to be productive again.


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