Even more quotes from the miscellaneous notebook

I’m working on a post about grad school and life choices that’s turning out to be rather long.  So in the meantime, enjoy another sampling of the commentary (and drawings) that happens when I get tired of taking real notes during colloquia and other events.  Earlier posts in the series are here and here.

On the quality of the food provided:

Fake Oreos taste kind of gross.  But lemon tea is good.

I’m not a biologist but…


(I just read this in my head to the tune of “Everything is Awesome!” from The Lego Movie.)

Giving myself a pep talk:

Half of the big things for this month are out of the way; you can now focus on the other half without interruption.  Be glad for that.  I know you hate [specific research task] because it’s such a crapshoot, but it has to be done, and the sooner you start, the sooner it’ll be done too, and/or the more time you’ll have to make it slightly better.

The rest of the page suggests this was written while sitting in on a class as the TA:

Déjà vu… I swear we already went over these exact slides.

You know it’s bad when I pull out the French:

Est-ce que je peux partir maintenant?  S’il vous plaît? 

I’m really not a biologist, I promise.  I just doodle like one.