More quotes from the miscellaneous notebook

Another selection of things written when my attention was perhaps not as focused on the colloquium speaker as it should have been.  For more, see last week’s post.

Evidently this doesn’t happen very often:

AND he finished on time – WOAH

Usually it’s more like this:

I should check the “schedule” to see just how far behind we are now.

And this:

It’s 5:01 and you “just want to take a few slides here to…” ?!

Observing the audience as a teaching assistant:

Zombie kid is sleeping again today.  Can’t say I blame him.  You’d think he’d sit further back, though.

I do appreciate a job well done:

His plots in particular are quite nice; indeed, they are everything one could ever want in presentation plots.

I also appreciate giant alien bees:


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